Click On "Add Note To Your Order " at checkout For Your 🎁Free Name Personalization 🎁-Production Time 7-10 business days-Delivery 7-10-
Click On "Add Note To Your Order " at checkout For Your 🎁Free Name Personalization 🎁-Production Time 7-10 business days-Delivery 7-10-
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  How long my order will take?

These items take time to create, and are typically completed between 7 TO 10 BUSINESS DAYS after your order is placed. Once your order is placed we do not allow alterations to sizing, material or images, nor do we permit refunds to be given in the event that these terms were overlooked and blindly agreed to.


 We do not hold excess inventory or stock. 

How long does shipping take?
Worldwide shipping options for orders: 

Standard shipping takes 10 business  days  via DHL.

  You will receive a shipping confirmation email when your order has shipped, with tracking # included. Please be patient if you have not received your tracking. Please email us at-, we are very receptive to your emails, and answer them within 24 hours of reception.

If the damage/defect cannot be verified over the phone or via email contact, the item may be required to return for inspection. We’ll then contact you with our next course of action.

I need to change my shipping address.
Please provide an alternative address and we will update it for you right away. If the product is already marked “Shipped” then we cannot update the address. If it’s still in the “Processed” phase we’ll do everything we can to make sure it gets changed.
The special characters in my address are not showing up correctly in my email confirmation. 
Your email client may not be displaying the characters correctly. If you provided us with the correct address we have it and it will show up correctly on the shipping label.

Who are your international shipping carriers?
Shipping is handled by DHL eCommerce, the Standard shipping varies depending on your country.

Can I track my order?
If your order is being shipped to the United States, you can track your orders in 

I'm missing items from my order.
If you're missing an item, double check the package and other products to make sure it's not hiding somewhere. Different products ship from different locations and are split into different orders so it may still be on the way. If you still can't locate it, please let us know and we will make sure you get what you ordered.

I think my package has been lost.
Please note that all ship times are estimates and not guaranteed. If you do not receive the items within 4 weeks of the shipping date please let us know and we will take further action with the order.