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Made to Order / Custom Order Terms and Conditions

Made to Order / Custom Order Terms and Conditions:

By consenting to the terms and conditions you hereby understand that the items you are ordering are handmade, made to order items that are created in our warehouse specifically for your order.

How long my order will take?

These items take time to create and are typically completed between 2-4 weeks after your order is placed. Once your order is placed we do not allow alterations to size, material or images, nor do we permit refunds to be given in the event that these terms were overlooked and blindly agreed to.

If you receive a custom/made to order an item from us that is incorrect you may contact our support team with your order number in the subject line and they will be happy to assist you in an exchange for the correct items originally ordered.

We do not allow refunds due to impatience or in the event of unforeseen circumstances, e.g.,  “I don’t need these anymore,” “I didn’t know they’d take two weeks to create,” “I need the money to pay bills,” “my mom won’t let me have plugs anymore,” and so on.



Why are some or all of my orders coming from a foreign country?


We are a very small company. We couldn't possibly make every item we design by ourselves without help from manufacturers.

There are a lot of items we contract manufacturers from several countries around the world to make for us. Before we contracted some manufacturers to help us, processing times could be months.

 We are black-owned and operated, and with our own unique designs. Our customers have consistently said processing time was the next most important thing to them after price, so in order to provide for the quickest possible processing and lowest prices of all the items we design, we decided contracting help from manufacturers was the best strategy.


If we did manufacture everything in the United States, unfortunately, the prices of several items would be more than double what they are now. We utilize American companies that manufacture legally and morally in other countries. We don't use sweatshop labor and take the time to ensure any manufacturers we work with are good to their workers and good to our customers. 

I think I might have ordered the wrong size. Can I change it?

You can typically make changes to incorrect sizing within 24 hours after you order. After that, unfortunately, there isn't anything we can do because your item has already been put into production. Please email us immediately if you suspect you've ordered the wrong size.

Why is my order taking longer than you say?

There are a few reasons an order might take longer than our typical processing time. If you order more than three items, it's possible to delay your order in order for us to coordinate all of your items being completed fully and getting them shipped. If you order items that we make in different locations (we have a few locations in the US we use, and several others around the world), your order might be delayed slightly. If you have a bulk order of the same items, even custom items, it may extend processing time. The majority of orders are single item orders and will process rapidly. 

Why does my order cost so much to ship?

All US orders have flat rate shipping fees based on how much is purchased. Orders for any country other than the US are calculated by the USPS postal system by weight. Your order's total weight is calculated and then the shipping service that must be used is synced with the live rates utilized by the USPS. If your order costs a lot to ship and you're from outside the US, it's probably because it weighs more than the threshold weight for First Class International Shipping and is bumped up to Priority International weight which is substantially more. Only smaller orders will qualify for First Class International which is the cheapest rate we can get. 

I would like to call you about my order, how come I can't find a number?

We do not have a customer service telephone line. We are required to document all communications with customers regarding their order, therefore we ask for you to email us if there are any questions or concerns about your order. 

How come I can't cancel my order?

We usually process items very quickly which means usually when a cancellation is requested your item has already been made or is being processing. Because we make items that are limited edition or customized, we don't typically allow for cancellation custom of orders because then we are stuck with the product you've ordered. We aren't a warehousing retail unit, so being stuck with stock can cause us to lose money because limited edition and customized items are difficult to resell. 

I got an email saying my address was unverified. What do I do?

If you got an email that your address was unverified, please email us immediately to confirm your address. We ship using USPS, so if your address is unverifiable, YOUR ITEM WILL NOT BE DELIVERED AND WILL BE RETURNED TO US OR OUR MANUFACTURER.


If that happens, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for reshipping the item and any costs associated with reshipping for improper addresses. If you aren't sure if you can receive mail at your address, we have installed an address checker at checkout which will tell you your address is correct, or if it's unverified it will say "are you sure your address is correct?" If it says that, please enter a PO Box or verified address used by the USPS. 


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